About Us

The "A Piece of Me" exchange heart from Inseparable Treasures was inspired by the designers desire to be near her grand-daughter who lived states away. Feeling the loneliness and longing to snuggle and give her a squeeze, a pillow for which they could share with a pocket to hold precious treasures would be a simple reminder of their love.

The idea expanded as the designer thought of her and her husband's sons who served in the military. Being connected became increasingly important while these young men were away on deployment. How many families are being separated by military service? The "A Piece of Me" heart allows loved ones to hold onto something tangible from each other until they are all safely united.

The final inspiration for the hearts creation was the designers work as a full time counselor for hospice. Years of experience with the needs of countless families motivated the expansion of the "A Piece of Me" exchange heart. While visiting a patient who was in her 40s, dying of cancer and grieving over having to sign guardianship of her minor daughter to another family to secure the young girls future, the designer was provoked into action. How could this woman say to her daughter years after she had been laid to rest, "You will always have a piece of me!" By the exchanging of her pocket pillow the young girl would have a keepsake from her mother forever and her mother could take her daughter's heart into her final resting place.

It's designed as a reminder to each recipient, even though loved ones may be physically apart, nothing can separate their love they hold in their heart for each other.