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“A Piece of Me” Exchange Heart is a heart shaped pillow that separates to create 2 halves, you keep one half and your loved one gets the other half. Your loved one can be your mom and or dad, grandpa and or grandma brother or sister, boyfriend, fiancé, husband or a friend. The exchange heart can also be an exchange between high school or college friends as a way to stay connected upon graduation. First write a letter, hand written letter, not a computer generated one, a good old fashioned hand written letter. Second your favorite picture rather it be just you or you and your loved one. And third you take a swatch of cloth, it can be anything, but we suggest it be a swatch from an old pair of sweat pants or sweat shirt, pair of old jeans, something your loved one is use to you just hanging out in and being comfortable. Then put all the items in the front pocket of the exchange heart. Ladies put your favorite perfume on it that swatch of cloth, the perfume your loved one is use to smelling on you and Guys you put your favorite cologne or after shave that your loved one is use to smelling on you. Then put your swatch of cloth in a baggie to preserve it and put all 3 treasures in the pocket of your half and then exchange with your loved one. When you are together you tie them together with the ribbon that is attached that makes a bow and makes a complete heart, then put it in your favorite spot rather it be on your bed or on the living room couch.

Rather together or separated for whatever reason like a business trip, out of town visiting or separated due to the end of life’s journey you will ALWAYS have a Piece of your loved one’s heart. I remember losing a loved one and the heart felt pain that came with it, but I had my half of the exchange heart to hold against my chest representing their heart to hold and hug, I had the hand written letter they wrote to me to read, thinking “this is there hand writing” while looking at their picture and smelling the swatch of cloth with their smell that I was all so use to smelling on them. It gave me the sense that they were right there with me and every time I am missing them I grab my half of heart, take out the items from the pocket on the front of the exchange heart and read their letter, look at the picture while smelling that swatch of cloth, easing my pain and reminding me that I will always have A Piece of their Heart and they are with me in my heart all the time.

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The "A Piece of Me" exchange heart from Inseparable Treasures was inspired by the designers desire to be near her grand-daughter who lived states away. Feeling the loneliness and longing to snuggle and give her a squeeze, a pillow for which they could share with a pocket to hold precious treasures would be a simple reminder of their love.

The idea expanded as the designer thought of her and her husband's sons who served in the military. Being connected became increasingly important while these young men were away on deployment. How many families are being separated by military service? The "A Piece of Me" heart allows loved ones to hold onto something tangible from each other until they are all safely united.

Give A Piece of Yourself

Please consider donating the cost of an Exchange Heart and an Exchange Heart will be donated to military families, children and adults fighting cancer and those fighting other potentially terminal diseases. Your donation will send love to those in need, and a piece of your heart will be in each one given.

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