Business Profile: Inseparable Treasures

The world needs more love, more heart, now more than ever. Victorville resident Kathy Farace saw this and answered the need literally with the “A Piece of Me” Exchange Heart, produced through Farace’s company, Inseparable Treasures. So, where did this idea come from?

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"Remembering Doris"

One of my first patients was a lady who resided at a Skilled Nursing Facility in one of the many rough parts of town of San Bernardino. She was in her eighty’s and had end stage dementia. As her chaplain, the family whom lived out of state requested that I make routine weekly visits. I believe it was mostly to make them feel better for their absents, as our team and the staff at the Skilled Nursing Facility was the only contact this woman had. Apparently she had a history in the Baptist church where she had been very involved most of her life.

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Mending Hearts in Victor Valley Daily Press


She was going to die in two weeks.

The woman with Stage 4 cancer said goodbye to her 14-year-old daughter. Her bereavement counselor knew saying goodbye was not enough. She wanted to do more.

Kathy Farace understands separation. A former bereavement counselor, military mom, and long distance grandmother, Farace knows the tremendous pain separation from loved ones can bring. This is why she created “A Piece of Me” Exchange Heart Pillows.

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